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differences between identity theft protection and payment protection PPD?

habin kim asked:

When i got the account summary, i noticed that there are two different protection fee charges.

1. Other/Miscellaneous – identity theft protection $12.99
2. Fees – Payment protection PPD $45.18

Does anyone know what is the difference between these two?
I found that identity theft protection fee can be cancelled if i call to the service.
Can i also cancel the second one too? Please help me… Thanks you-

Identity Theft Protection

Has anyone had experience with “Identity Truth”, a identity theft protection company?

Margaret B asked:

I opted for a free trial from “Identity Truth” a identity theft protection company (I got the info from a trusted site.) The only thing I can find about them now from search engines is their advertisement, not even from any of the computer magazines that ususally review computer related matter. Anyone know of this company or had experience?

Fraud Alerts

Any good identity theft protection companies?

bonita asked:

i’m trying to find a good identity theft protection company who is good. i can’t decide or find one. i was going towards lifelock but then i heard there was a scam and that they are being sued. Is this true? if so, then what are some alternatives to lifelock, but if not, what is better to pay for…the basic or the command center in lifelock. please help! i’ve had soo many things put under my name and i’m only 19!

Fraud Alerts, Your Credit Score & Identity Theft

If you are like many men and women, you have an understandable concern in regard to identity theft. Statistics prove that you are likely to become the victim of identity theft at least one time during your lifetime. In fact, when you really consider how common identity theft actually is, odds are that you will become a victim of identity theft once every ten years. Understanding how common identity theft is, you must realize how it can impact your life and your finances, including your credit score.

If you discover that you have become the victim of identity theft, one of the first things that you will want to do is to make contact with each of the three major credit reporting agencies. These agencies make it fairly easy for you to report the fact that you have become the victim of identity theft. These agencies maintain special toll free numbers and dedicated portals on the Internet and World Wide Web through which you can report that you have become the victim of identity theft.

Once placed on your account, a fraud alert will flag any activity. In other words, even if an inquiry is made to the credit reporting agency about you, you will be notified immediately. This is very helpful to you when you are fighting identity theft and working to prevent your credit score from being damaged or harmed because of identity theft.

You may be wondering whether there is a charge to have a fraud alert placed on your credit report and your associated credit score. The fact is that the credit reporting agencies do not charge you anything for placing an alert on your credit report and your credit score.

There are identity theft protection agencies in business today that can assist you in undertaking these types of steps to protect your credit report and your credit score. These services do charge a fee for their assistance.

Finally, when it comes to the issue of identity theft, a fraud alert, your credit report and your credit score, you need to keep in mind that these alerts do not stay in place forever. Therefore, you need to make sure that you remain in contact with the credit reporting agency in order to keep the fraud alert in place for as long as is necessary. It is important that you do not release the fraud alert in a premature fashion.

By: Bernard Pragides

About the Author:

Author and internet entrepreneur Bernard Pragides offers expert advice and tips regarding identity theft. Learn more about identity theft and fraud by visiting his identity theft blog at http://www.LifeLockBlog.com.

Should You Engage An Identity Theft Protection Service?

Bernard Pragides asked:

Are you concerned about identity theft? The fact is that you really do need to be concerned about identity theft at this juncture in time. The fact is that identity theft remains one of the most significant types of crimes that are being committed around the world today. In short, if you are not appropriately concerned about identity theft and the impact that it can have on your life, you need to be. In this regard, you may want to consider the benefits of engaging the assistance of an identity theft protection service.

In general terms an identity theft protection service generally offers you to a person like you assistance in two areas:

1. An identity theft protection service will monitor your credit reports constantly and report to you anytime there is an inquiry made in regard to you and your credit history.

2. Should you become the victim of identity theft, a identity theft protection service will work to deal with and resolve the various issues that have come about because you have been the victim of identity theft.

You do need to keep in mind that when it comes to what is offered by a typical identity theft protection service these are steps that you really can take on your own. Of course, it can be time consuming to have to clean up after you have become the victim of identity theft. But, again, you certainly can undertake on your own the services that are provided by an identity theft protection firm.

Generally speaking, a typical identity theft protection service does not charge a considerable amount of money for its services. Moreover, there are companies that actually guarantee that they will prevent you from becoming the victim of identity theft. And, if you do become the victim, they cover all of the costs and expenses of getting your credit history and record back into order. They deal with cleaning up the aftereffects of your becoming the victim of identity theft at no charge whatsoever to you.

Finally, you cannot underestimate the importance of peace of mind. For many people the engagement of a identity theft protection service actually does raise their comfort level and does provide a peace of mind that previously may have been lacking when it comes to matters relating to identity theft protection. Therefore, you also will want to take this into consideration if you are weighing the pros and cons of an identity theft protection service.