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How do i protect myself from Identity theft if i lost my SS card?

Da Rez Girl asked:

I wasnt really to worried about it when it happened. I lost my wallet at Walmart and I had my Social Security Card in it ( I know… not a very smart idea carrying your Soc. with you)… Any who… what can i do to protect myself from identiy theft. I mean do i report my lost social security card to somone or do i just see what happens?

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Identity Theft; Is there a way to track your social security card?

Nikiki13 asked:

I’ve have been hearing more and more stories lately about people who find out that 10+ (I’ve heard it going up to as many as 80 people using the stolen information) illegal immigrants have been using the person’s name and social security number after the IRS comes after them for back taxes! Is there a way to track your social to see where it is being used, looked at, reviewed, etc? What other ways can you track your identity?

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How can I resolve negative items on my credit report that are a result of identity theft?

spyderette50 asked:

I used to live in state A, and someone in state B (a state I’ve never even visited) used my SSN to establish a telephone account then proceeded to run up a $1000 debt. It went unpaid and was sent of to at least 4 different collections agencies. Each credit reporting bureau is reporting some combination of this collections debt, but they all differ. I have filed an ID Theft affidavit, but am unable to file a police report in state A because the crime occurred in state B. I am unable to file a report in state B because police reports must be filed in person. I have included federal and state A tax forms from the time the ID theft occurred as proof that I was not living in state B at the time. I have disputed all occurrunces of the debt at all 3 credit agencies, some have removed one or more instances of the collections items, some have not. They have not all removed the same items. Is there any way to get all 3 bureaus to be consistent in their removal of items?

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How would I go about finding out about identity theft?

LOVE asked:

How would I go about finding out if there is anyone using my social security # for something other than credit?
For example, all these identify theft companies seem like they will mostly protect against credit fraud. But what if someone wants to get a driver’s license under your name or apply for a job?

I’m very worried because a few months ago a lost my wallett along with my drivers license and insuance cards.

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How does identity theft happen through junk mail?

Amber J asked:

My boss is very picky about shredding his junk mail because he says things like credit card offers, etc. have his personal info on them and people could steal his identity. The thing is, whenever I respond to a credit card offer (for myself), I still have to give them all my pertinent info. SO, unless you have all that info, how can you steal someone’s identity through a piece of junk mail? Or am I right and he’s just paranoid?

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differences between identity theft protection and payment protection PPD?

habin kim asked:

When i got the account summary, i noticed that there are two different protection fee charges.

1. Other/Miscellaneous – identity theft protection $12.99
2. Fees – Payment protection PPD $45.18

Does anyone know what is the difference between these two?
I found that identity theft protection fee can be cancelled if i call to the service.
Can i also cancel the second one too? Please help me… Thanks you-

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