How do i protect myself from Identity theft if i lost my SS card?

Da Rez Girl asked:

I wasnt really to worried about it when it happened. I lost my wallet at Walmart and I had my Social Security Card in it ( I know… not a very smart idea carrying your Soc. with you)… Any who… what can i do to protect myself from identiy theft. I mean do i report my lost social security card to somone or do i just see what happens?

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4 thoughts on “How do i protect myself from Identity theft if i lost my SS card?

  1. PJ

    Contact the major credit reporting agencies and let them know your ssn was taken with your wallet and put a hold on your credit. This will prevent anyone from establishing credit in your name. Also, you will get a free credit report 3 x to keep an eye on what is going on.

    Equifax and Transunion are two of the credit agencies. Google them. You only have to contact one – they all share info.

  2. Melissa Me

    I’d call for a report on your credit. It will tell you if anyone has been using your card for this purpose or not.

    You should get a replaced SSC, but reporting it lost does little good. You can put a note on your report that only you can open accts. If you do this, companies should call a number you designate before opening an acct with your info. The problem is there are multiple credit check agencies, so you would have to be sure to go through all of them to do this.

  3. shortie__9a

    if i were you i’d do a couple of things:

    1. get a hold of your local Social Security office. not sure what they would do but talk to them. they might do a couple of things…one being given you a new number and canceling your old number.

    2. report it to credit agencies. get your credit checked from these agencies…like another poster already said.

    3. you can also get a hold put on your credit. not 100% sure how this works but i’ve heard people talk about it. some how you can put a hold on your credit so nobody can open any type of “account” (example: credit card or bank account or car loan and so on). If you do this it will also effect you when you want to apply for credit. Again not 100 % sure but i thought i heard if you do this it sticks to you for so long.

  4. Keith

    If your SS # ends up in the wrong hands it can cause you a lot of headaches. I have identity theft protection with Solus ID. Part of the protection is credit monitoring. If anything changes on my credit I am immediately alerted. Best of all if I ever become a victim of identity theft they will do all the restoration and recovery work for me.

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